Polar Logistics

Polar Logistics Research Group is working on the following topics:

  • Determination of Logistic Requirements for Expeditions
  • Investigation of Routes and Vehicles/Vessels for Expeditions and Logistics
  • Reporting of Logistic Processes
  • Determination of Logistic Requirements for Establishing a Scientific Research Base
  • Follow-up of COMNAP (Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs) Processes
  • Pre- and Post- Polar Expedition Environmental Reports
  • Environmental and Legal Evaluations on Scientific Research Base and Projects
  • Follow-up of New Technologies for the Protection of Polar Regions
  • Investigation and Transposition of Polar Legislation to National Law
  • Law Surveys on Polar Regions
  • Investigation of International Polar Legislation
  • Follow-up of ATCM (Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting) Processes
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