Air Pollution and Control Laboratory

The Air Pollution and Control Laboratory houses the Air Quality Measurement Laboratory, which determines the quality of the ambient air, and the Emission Measurement Laboratory, which measures flue gas emissions. In addition, the measurement of noise levels for noise mapping studies are underway.

In our country in recent years, a new form of pollution called odor pollution has arisen. Our laboratories have the necessary competence and accreditation to measure and evaluate odor pollution. 

The Air Pollution and Control Laboratory was first given accreditation in 2002 by DAP/DAR of the German Accreditation Agency. This accreditation lasted until 2010. Ever since 2010, accreditation has been given from the Turkish Accreditation Agency. More details can be found in the Industrial Service Catalog.

Our laboratory has been given the TS ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by the Turkish Accreditation Agency in sampling, measurement, and analysis of quite a few parameters.  Flue gas measurement and analysis has been given the TS CEN / TS 15675 and the TS EN 15259 accreditation. The TS EN 14181 method and the Continuous Emission Measurement Systems are being studied within the scope of the Communiqué. In addition, all methods have received the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism Certificate of Proficiency. 

The Air Pollution and Control Laboratory consists of the following laboratories;

  • Air Quality Monitoring Laboratory
  • Flue Gas Characterization Laboratory
  • Olfactometric Odor Analysis Laboratory
  • Noise Modeling Laboratory
  • Atmospheric Modeling Laboratory
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