Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency Research Group; develops strategies that reduce the number of raw resources consumed and protect the ecosystem. The group also carries out studies to;

  • optimize the use of resources and products,
  • reduce waste generation with product/process based environmental impact analysis,
  • develop processes related to the recovery of wastewater and wastes
  • determine the current status of the enterprises and identify improvement opportunities with cleaner production audits.

The Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency Research Group carries out research and project-based activities, especially in the following areas

  • Identification of Resource Efficiency Potential and Preparation of Guidelines
  • Determination of Cleaner Production Options and Their Applicability in Industry
  • Development of the National Life Cycle Assessment Database
  • Product/Process Based Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Development of Biogas Enhancer Systems from Biodegradable Wastes
  • Nutrient Recovery for Zero Waste Approach (Struvite etc.)
  • Determination of Product-Based Eco Label Criteria
  • Preparation of Roadmaps for Sectorial Net-Zero Carbon Target in line with the European Green Deal
  • Development of Techniques and Technologies for the Recovery of Water and Valuable Materials from Wastewater Streams
  • Transforming Waste and Residues into Resources for The Agricultural Industry
  • Detailed Sectorial Impact and Needs Analysis by Determining Priority Sectors in the Framework of Circular Economy
  • Industrial Symbiosis Studies
  • Cleaner production audits and training for the manufacturing industry
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