The Research Boat of CCSVP

The Lake Research Boat is designed and equipped to be used for lymnological, hydrological & ecological research in natural & artificial lakes, river basins & shallow water coastal areas. Polyethylene hull provides strength and high payload capacity maintaining a safe operation in shallow waters. Boat has 1200kg payload and 6 staff capacity with 32kts surface speed with a 80HP outboard motor with reasonable consumption figures. The working deck and boat interior coated with lab quality flooring (6m x 2.1m) provides comfortable scientific use with customized tents for tight weather conditions & spray. GPS chart plotter, outside lighting/projectors, extended fuel tank (80Lt + 30Lt) gives flexibility for mission planning. The boat can be transported to any point via road transportation with an approved classical trailer and deployed easily. Lake Research Boat is in actively use of monitoring & sampling services for Institute’s lake, river basin and marine projects for years.

The fleet consisting of the research vessel and the survey boats (fitted with state-of the-art scientific infrastructure and unlimited cruise zone) provide crucial field data via research projects in the study of marine environmental monitoring of the Turkish seas. Moreover, the research vessels are ready to collaborate with research, engineering, and infrastructure projects for governmental institutions and private sectors. For more information about the infrastructure and scientific capacity of the vessel, as well as ship availability, contact us via or (90) 262 677 2900.

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